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Craig Herskowitz was
“a major policy maker”

-Governor Kathy Hochul &
the New York Executive Chamber


About Craig

Born in Huntington, NY, and raised in Northport, NY, Craig has always had a passion for public service and the pursuit of justice. After attending American University, Craig interned for Senator Edward M. Kennedy in Washington, DC, and Congressman Steve Israel in Hauppauge, NY, learning to write and move legislation as well as the importance of constituent services.

After graduating from Quinnipiac School of Law, Craig dove headfirst into the world of law enforcement, working in the Office of the General Counsel at the US Marshals Service and then at the FBI. These experiences gave him invaluable insights into the criminal justice system and further underlined the absolute importance of upholding the law and supporting honorable law enforcement.

Continuing his career in public service, Craig worked in the US Department of Justice Criminal Division, where he actively participated in various high-profile cases involving terrorists, drug traffickers, and money launderers. Those successful prosecutions further solidified his commitment to serving the public and ensuring the fair application of justice.

Craig has also worked in the private sector, at JPMorgan Chase in New York, where he developed a greater understanding of the financial sector and understanding of necessary and excessive government regulation. However, his true calling pulled him back into public service, and he was appointed Assistant Counsel to Governor Cuomo, where he had the opportunity to contribute to a variety of important legislative and executive initiatives during the Covid-19 pandemic, such as waiving copayments for testing and vaccinations, implementing telehealth, and providing tax relief for small businesses and families. Recognizing the importance of reopening restaurants and Broadway after the pandemic, Craig assisted in establishing the restaurant return-to-work tax credit program and the New York City musical and theatrical production tax credit. 

Building upon his diverse experiences, Craig transitioned into criminal defense, an experience that showed the stark difference between the average person who made an unfortunate mistake and career criminals who exploit loopholes in the system to evade answering for their offenses, thus continuing to be a danger to the community. 

Currently, Craig serves as an NYC administrative law judge, presiding over hearings and ensuring the principles of justice are upheld. Inspired by his experiences, he is now setting his sights on a new endeavor - running for Congress in the NY-1 district, to represent Suffolk County. Craig would bring to Congress a deep understanding of the issues facing our community and our country, a passion for making a difference, and an absolute commitment to serve his fellow Long Islanders with honor and integrity. 

Together, let's work towards a brighter future for our community and country. 

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