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I have seen the good in politics, how laws answering a public need can change people’s lives for the better, helping both individuals and communities. I've seen how government is not just important but necessary. I’ve also seen the ugly and politics can be very ugly - cruel, corrupt, uncaring of the public trust. We’re seeing too much of the ugliness now. I believe we as a country are at an inflection point, one that filters down and affects every community. 

The majority of Americans, fiscally responsible and socially accepting Americans, are not being sufficiently represented by their elected representatives, especially in the House of Representatives. Political extremism is on the rise across the political spectrum, pushing our country further apart, making it seem impossible for Americans from different walks of life to find common ground and work together for everyone. I believe in the good of government, and that through the power of collaboration and bipartisanship, we can get our government functioning again.

I believe in promoting open dialogue, understanding, and respect for differing opinions, in advocating for inclusivity, tolerance, and cooperation. America is great, in part, because of our diversity in backgrounds, cultures, beliefs, and points of view. Our diversity in every sense of the word should be our strength, not our weakness. Instead of attacking each other, we should respectfully debate ideas and work together, making every effort to find common ground. I am committed to fostering open dialogue and building relationships with people of different viewpoints and backgrounds. That is the only way, in my opinion, to have a government that is truly working for the people; the only way to achieve meaningful and lasting change.


I believe deeply in our country, but I am worried for our future. We must reject the tribalism and extremism that has left so many Americans, the majority of us, feeling disillusioned, voiceless, disenfranchised, even at times hopeless. We need political leaders who can speak for the reasonable and rational majority, who can embrace the centrism and pragmatism that has always guided America.


We need to help elect native New Yorker Hakeem Jeffries as Speaker of the House. Speaker Jeffries, along with a strong Democratic congressional contingent representing Long Island, will not only fight to get our fair share of federal tax dollars back to invest back into our community, but will also decrease political polarization so that Congress will no longer cater to the ideologues, but can once again work for the people.


Creating a better nation starts on Long Island!

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